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Welcome to my home page.

I am working as an academic economist at INRAE in the Paris-Saclay Applied Economis research unit, where I am a senior research fellow.

My main research topic is the dynamics of agricultural markets. My work deals with two separate issues: the short-run and the long-run dynamics of agricultural markets. Regarding short-run issues, I study the causes of commodity prices volatility and the design of stabilization policies. On long-run issues, I work on global food security and international trade in agricultural goods.

Short vitae

  • Since 2019, I am a senior research fellow at INRAE.
  • In 2012/2018, I was a research fellow at INRA.
  • In 2017/2018, I was a visiting fellow at IFPRI, in the division Market, Trade an Institutions.
  • In 2011/2012, I was an economist at the World Bank, Development research group for the Agriculture and Rural Development program.
  • In 2008/2011, I was an economist in INRA, Economie Publique research unit. I was also a PhD student at the Econometrics Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique. My PhD dissertation revolves around agricultural prices fluctuations and of the optimal design of stabilisation policies. I defended it in April 2011 and I was under the direction of Jean-Marc Bourgeon and Sébastien Jean.
  • In 2006/2008, I was an economist at CEPII, where I am still a research associate. At CEPII, I contributed to the development of the applied general equilibrium model MIRAGE and I used it to study issues such as agricultural policies, trade policies and WTO negotiations.

Research topics

  • Agricultural policies
  • Commodity price dynamics
  • Computational methods
  • Food security
  • International trade

Contact information

Paris-Saclay Applied Economics
22 place de l'Agronomie
91120 Palaiseau, France
Phone: +33 1 89 10 09 99
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