Christophe Gouel


Working papers

Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand
Gouel C. and Houssein Guimbard.

Bayesian Estimation of the Storage Model using Information on Quantities
Gouel C. and Nicolas Legrand.

Peer-reviewed journals

Estimating the Competitive Storage Model with Trending Commodity Prices
Gouel C. and Legrand N. (forthcoming)
Journal of Applied Econometrics. (Programs).

Trade Policy Coordination and Food Price Volatility
Gouel C. (2016)
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(4), 1018–1037. (Programs from the journal's website).

Managing Food Price Volatility in a Large Open Country: The Case of Wheat in India
Gouel C., Gautam M. and Martin W. J. (2016)
Oxford Economic Papers, 68(3), 811–835. (Programs).

Optimal food price stabilization in a small open developing country
Gouel C. and Jean S. (2015)
World Bank Economic Review, 29(1), 72–101. (Programs).

Winner of the European Association of Agricultural Economists' 2015 Quality of Policy Contribution Award in honor of Giovanni Anania.

Food Security and Storage in the Middle East and North Africa
Larson D. F., Lampietti J., Gouel C., Cafiero C. and Roberts J. (2014)
World Bank Economic Review, 28(1), 48–73. (Programs).

Rules versus discretion in food storage policies
Gouel C. (2013)
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(4), 1029–1044. (Programs from the journal's website).

Comparing Numerical Methods for Solving the Competitive Storage Model
Gouel C. (2013)
Computational Economics, 41(2), 267–295. (Programs).

Optimal food price stabilisation policy
Gouel C. (2013)
European Economic Review, 57, 118–134. (Programs).

Agricultural price instability: A survey of competing explanations and remedies
Gouel C. (2012)
Journal of Economic Surveys, 26(1), 129–156.

Sensitive Products in the Doha Negotiations: The Case of European and Japanese Market Access
Gouel C., Mitaritona C. and Ramos M.P. (2011)
Economic Modelling, 28(6), 2395–2403.

Book chapters

Food Price Volatility and Domestic Stabilization Policies in Developing Countries
Gouel C. (2014)
in Chavas J.-P., Hummels D. and Wright B. (ed.) The Economics of Food Price Volatility. Chapter 7 (pp. 261–306). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

International trade, price volatility and standards for sustainability
Jean S., Bricas N. and Gouel C. (2013)
in Esnouf C., Russel M. and Bricas N. (ed.) Food System Sustainability: Insights From duALIne. Chapter 8 (pp. 158–175). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Comment expliquer la flambée des prix agricoles (in French)
Gouel C. (2008)
in CEPII (ed.) L'économie mondiale 2009. (pp. 74–86). Paris: La Découverte.

Other papers

Volatilité des cours des commodités agricoles et politiques de stabilisation
Féménia F. and Gouel C. (2016).
INRA Sciences Sociales N°1-2/2016.

American and European Agricultural Market Access: A Concern for The South?
Gouel C. and Ramos M.P. (2008).
La Lettre du CEPII N°277.

Introducing Forest Access Cost Functions into a General Equilibrium Model
Gouel C. and Hertel T. (2006)
GTAP Research Memoranda No. 8.

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